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Making It Better - Teachers

Making It Better is a rich resource for educators. The downloadable resources below are designed to work for any teacher wanting to bring folk arts into their classroom, even those who can't visit the exhibit. In addition to providing ideas for K-12 settings we have created documents for use with adults who are learning English, working towards their GED, or in vocational readiness programs.

Powerpoint Presentations:

These powerpoints are designed to introduce the exhibit to classrooms or groups.

  • This is ideal for elementary or middle school students: mibelementary.pps
  • This is designed for middle or high school students or adults: mibhigh.pps
  • This is designed for adult students of the English language: mibesl.pps

Here is a lesson plan for creating a mandala out of colored sugar. 

A listing of online videos and websites pertaining to many of the art forms and artists in the exhibit. MIB online resources.pdf

A transcription of the eight artists speaking about their work. audio transcripts.pdf

A transcription of the three-part video Our Stories, Our Traditions, Our Health. video transcript.pdf

An excellent introduction to using folk arts in a classroom (the entire website is great resource for teachers):

On Victoria Angelo & Marta Sam's page you'll find Sheet music for an Acholi children's song called Kaleba.

On Victoria Angelo & Marta Sam's page you can download a short piece by Victoria Angelo on how music was used in her Ugandan homeland.

On POSE TWO's page you can download an extensive interview with the artist about graffitti.

On Paulett Simunich's page you can download a PDF of Pysanky symbols and their meanings.

For more information or questions about these resources contact Kelly Armor, Education Director, Erie Art Museum