Folk Art PA

Tim Schloss

(Living Creatively in Your World)

Although many customers of Tim Schloss’s are not local, he has preserved several local birds; often ones that died of natural causes.  These are on display at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie. By day, Schloss works at a local print shop. He is also an avid hunter.

“This art serves as a way to memorialize the skill of the hunter, or to remember a particularly significant hunting trip.”

Tim Schloss has earned a national reputation for the life-like quality of his ducks and shore birds.  “I got started 40 years ago when I was 12 by learning from an old man in the neighborhood and I’ve been working at it ever sinceā€¦. When I was a kid I had to stuff with excelsior and cast my own bills.  The guy who taught me used arsenic!  Now I can buy a foam body and shave it a little here and there and it works great.”

He now serves as a judge at the same shows where he won awards decades ago.  He admits that his technique is nothing special; it is simply having the patience to thoroughly clean the bird. “You just got to go through each step real methodically with a lot of patience. It really is more of a craft than an art form. Maybe art is in how you pose a duck, like it is diving or flying.”