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Graffiti Art
(Social Change and Awareness)

Pose II was born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers, New York.  He spends his time between New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia where he has explored and practiced the graffiti styles unique to each city.  As an “alphabet engineer,” he describes his own style as a mix of old school funk and next generation technology.

“Graffiti is a feared thing because it’s not controlled.  That’s what graffiti has come to represent: THEIR fear of that total freedom.”

“The writings and tags, that’s what makes a city a city – that’s the soul of the city.  I’ve driven across the country and if I come into a city and see tags on the highways and stuff, I know that city is alive!  There are people here who are rebellious and willing to live life.  They aren’t afraid; they are willing to take the risk to live.  When I see a city that’s totally wiped out, I think ‘wow, this is a repressed place.’”

“Artists have got something to say.  They are not gonna be repressed.  It’s about freedom, it’s about total expression, it’s about beauty, it’s about how what we do actually contributes to communities.  While graffiti has always been viewed as taking away, I as an artist, am a contributor.   I enhance, beautify, and uplift.”