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Jymm Hoffman

(Living Creatively in Your World)

When Jymm Hoffman is not working in his shop in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, he can be seen throughout the northeast and midwest demonstrating his art. He also has been an instructor at Touchstone Center for the Crafts near Farmington, Pennsylvania, and offers hands on instructions for those interested in learning the blacksmith’s trade.

“I am interested in helping this art to survive and evolve.  Unlike period blacksmiths at historic sites, I use propane forges that I built, power hammers and grinders to speed up the various processes of the art.”

Jymm Hoffman first fell in love with blacksmithing over twenty years ago when he tried it as a volunteer at a historical village.  “What I found so fascinating was the ability to make what might normally be a very utilitarian tool or item of hardware into a very ornate object.”  He has concentrated on fine points of the art by studying with such blacksmithing masters as Peter Ross, Pete Minier, Paul Browning, and Mark Bokenkamp.             

“Pennsylvania has been known for its iron and steel production, as well as the beautiful decorative ironwork from its earliest settlement period through today.  It is extremely important to pass on the knowledge of smithing to the younger generation in this region, because so much knowledge about it has been lost.”