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Apprenticeships In Folk And Traditional Arts Grants

The Grant

Apprenticeships in Folk and Traditional Arts are grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) which support the learning of traditional arts within cultural communities across the state. These grants are administered Jump Street in Harrisburg, PA. Each grant award provides funding to a partnership between a master traditional artist and a qualified apprentice, enabling them to work together to share and develop advanced techniques or repertoire.

The grant period runs from January 1 through December 31 each year, with an application deadline in early August. New guidelines come out annually in late spring.

What are Folk and Traditional Arts?

Folk and traditional arts are artistic traditions characteristic of specific ethnic, religious, linguistic, occupational, or regional groups. These arts are shaped and shared within families, neighborhoods, and communities. They are passed down from one generation to another and learned through on-going participation in community-based activities, and through observation or imitation of master practitioners.

Folk and traditional arts have their own community-based systems of training and education through which individual artists learn and attain mastery. Folk arts are generally learned informally within a community, through careful observation and practice, or through apprenticeships with elders and masters.

Traditional artists, through their creativity, excellence, and dedication, reflect each community's history, practices, beliefs and values. Individual artists may be recognized for their excellence, their extensive repertoire, or their particular style of performance. Their work thrives because it is a powerful expression of their community's experience.

How To Apply

Award-Winning Artists

Every year excellent artists from around the Commonwealth are recognized through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts' Apprenticeships in Folk and Traditional Arts Awards. Jump Street is proud to administer the Apprenticeship program and recognize those artists who are selected for the award through a competitive jurying process.

National Heritage Award Winners

Several Pennsylvania artists have been recognized for their work in the Folk and Traditional arts with the Governor's Award for the Arts in Pennsylvania and at the national level with the National Heritage Award Winners, the nation's highest honor for traditional artists!

Artist Profiles

Artists are listed by the year of their award. For the Apprenticeship award we have listed the Master Traditional Artist of the group. We are continually updating these pages, so check back often for additional information. Feel free to contact FolkArtPA for more information on any of these artists or for information about how to contact these artists.