A master artist and the apprentice must apply together, with the master being the primary applicant. Master artists have achieved a high level of skill in a particular traditional art form, are regarded as masters by their peers, and have learned and developed their skills within a traditional context. Master artists may be from another state, if there is no suitable master living in Pennsylvania.

Apprentices must demonstrate interest and basic competency in the art form prior to the apprenticeship, strong motivation to learn the nuances of the tradition and a commitment to carry the tradition on in the future. Apprentices must live in Pennsylvania.

Apprenticeships only fund living artistic traditions that are shaped and shared within families, neighborhoods, and communities. The art form must be part of the contemporary life of citizens residing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


Projects that include the following activities are not eligible for this funding program.

  • Staged productions or representations of historical folk arts.
  • Reproductions of historical objects that are no longer in use.
  • Ongoing classes where a master artist instructs in a classroom situation.
  • Production or marketing of crafts and other forms that are not part of the living heritage of particular communities.

A Master Traditional Artist must:

  • Have attained excellence within his or her artistic tradition.
  • Be held in high regard for his or her skill, knowledge and cultural practice by his or her community through formal or informal recognition.

An Apprentice must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Demonstrate interest and basic competency in the art form prior to the apprenticeship
  • Be motivated to learn the nuances of the tradition
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the art form beyond the end of the apprenticeship period.

Pennsylvania Residency Requirement
Apprentices must be domiciled (living at a permanent legal residence) in Pennsylvania at least two years prior to the application deadline. Master artists may be from outside Pennsylvania, if there is no suitable master living in the Commonwealth.

If you believe you are eligible you can download the current application here.

Please contact Mira Johnson, FolkArtPA Program Coordinator, at, if you have eligibility questions, or your local Folk Arts Regional Support Center for assistance with your application. You can find the nearest Folk Arts Regional Support Center on our Infrastructure page.











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